What We Do

The Federal General Corps was founded in 2007. Our membership base spans several states on the East coast. Our main base of operations includes: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland,Virginia, and West Virginia The purpose of the Federal Generals Corps is to educate the general public about the Civil War period of American History. We accomplish this through "first person" impressions of General Officers, Officers, Enlisted Men, Politicians, and Civilians.
The Federal Generals Corps is a non-political, family oriented organization. Our goal is to get back to the basics of the reenactment hobby, educate the public, and have fun. Our members are available to discuss the Civil War, battles, and those that served during America's greatest conflict.

Living History Events ~Educational Presentations ~ Reenactments

Welcome to the 1860's and the American Civil War-

We have a lot of exciting events lined up this year to commemorate notable events in this Anniversary Year.

Check out our schedule and join us as we bring history to life. We hope to see you!