Hosted by Lee’s Lieutenants, FGC members attended a workshop in Winchester, VA on
February 25, 2012. To assist attendees in improving their presentation skills, LL’s engaged
Professor Ken Elston, Chairman of the Theater Department at George Mason University to
lead the workshop. Various interesting topics were presented by Prof. Elston including: How to
make art out of history, methods to draw audiences into your persona presentations, and ways
to move audiences into the “now” circumstances. It is safe to say that attendees thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, and all were enriched with many presentation tools and approaches.

          During the day, the ladies broke off into a separate group to discuss various topics and
plan the upcoming Ladies’ Tea, which will be held at this year’s Gathering of Eagles in June.
Later on, ladies and officers dressed for the formal dinner sponsored by Major Heros von Borcke.  Consistent with last year’s dinner, paying guest couples sat at tables featuring Federal and Confederate Officers and their ladies.

          After dinner, the George Washington Ball, sponsored by Major von Borcke and the Old
Courthouse Museum was held to the delight of all attendees. Each attending couple was formally introduced to the receiving line, featuring General R.E. Lee and Ms. Maricarol Miller,
Executive Director of the Museum. 

          The 2nd South Carolina String Band, with some guest musicians from the Home Front
Band, provided the music while members of the Victorian Dance Ensemble served as floor
managers. Like last year, the event was sold out, with over 120 guests crowding in the beautiful
ballroom of the George Washington Hotel but no one seemed to mind and smiles and laughter
abounded throughout the evening.

Winchester Workshop - 2012