Rose Hill - 2012

     Arrived at Rose Hill early on the 13th where we were met by Gen McClellan.  Later in the day, we were joined by Gen's Sherman and Thomas to discuss the coming battle.  Gen Warren brought the maps for the area for us to go over and find the best ground to attack from.  Our infantry showed up on the evening of the 13th,  two units from the 1st corps both Pa Reserves and battle tested.  

     Around noon of the 14th we moved to the corn field to engage the confederates.  Gen Sherman stayed in camp with his family, along with Gen Thomas and our provost Sgt Cannon to guard the camp.

     That day, we moved into the corn field and received heavy fire from cannons and small arms suffering minor causality's.  The Confederates pushed us back through the corn field till we were back in the wood line after which we withdrew.  

     On the morning of the 15th, after church, we made plans to attack again. This time it will be at the Sunken Road. Gen McClellan joined us for this attack.  The weather was hot and dry.  As we got to the crest of the hill, we could see the Confederate troops behind the fence that ran along the road. We commenced the attack and inflicted major causality's causing the Confederates to withdraw. We had command of the battle field.