We offer two types of membership, military and civilian. In either type of membership, the impression offered must be authentic, relevant to the Union Army, and advance the purpose of the Corporation.

Military membership is open to all provided they have an authentic impression of an American Civil War persona relevant to the Union Military Services.

Civilian membership is open to anyone interested in participating in Civil War living history. They may have an authentic impression of a member of the civilian population that existed in mid 19th century. America.
The ideal candidates would be reenactors looking to add a living history impression.
Candidates should have a general knowledge of the Civil War.

Must be able to attend at least three sanctioned events per calendar year to remain a member in good standing.

Must be able to provide uniform and accoutrements per impression (1861 Regulations), which could cost more than $1,000.00, not to mention tent, furniture, and amenities.

Must be able to provide an accurate impression. Potential members must have the will and discipline to learn, and the understanding that we DO NOT play dress-up.

There is more to Living History than simply putting on a uniform. There is mass amounts of research that go into each impression. You must know your character. There is much to learn, and our membership base is willing to help.

We are not in the business of taking command of any field. The reenactors can handle field duties and should. They have earned that right. As Living Historians we enhance the reenactment experience for the public.

The FGC reserves the right to dismiss any potential member at any time.

A few other things. This is an expensive hobby. Potential members must be willing and able to pay for uniforms, and accoutrements. There are hotel and fuel expenses, these are all your responsibility. We are strictly a volunteer organization, and each of us spends their own money and time to educate the public.

A bit of advice:
READ everything on your impression. Take the good with the bad, and add to the learning experience. Pay strict attention to detail and don't be afraid to ask questions. We are all learning, and we will always continue to learn.

If you can't answer a question, find someone that can! Never under any circumstances give false information. I can't stress that point enough. Never be afraid to grab a source, and find an answer.

Interested parties are encouraged to apply.
For Membership Application please fill out the electronic membership application below.

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail General Sherman at jimopdenaker@comcast.net or fill out the contact us section and we will contact you.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Eligibility for Membership:


Potential Recruits:

Please read this page very carefully. We want you to be comfortable with our requirements before submitting an application for membership.

The FGC strives to become a leader in the field of Civil War Living History. We can only accomplish this goal by involving our membership in every aspect of the organization. Together, we can offer the community a quality presentation and a wonderful educational experience.

We are a family oriented organization. Our ladies and children are as important to history as the generals and officers we represent.

Potential recruits are encouraged to apply via our Application for Membership.

Once received, candidate applications will be reviewed by our members. Candidates are required to attend at least three sanctioned events during one calendar year. They must be nominated for membership by a member of the FGC, and must be elected to the membership at an official meeting of the corporation by a majority of all members in attendance. This process can take some time please be patient.

Essential Reading :
We have provided a few titles for our potential members to review. These do not constitute the whole of your research responsibility. There are biographies on your impression, bio's on those they served with, and of course the battles in which they served.

Reading for Officer Impressions:

Customs of Service For Officers: August V. Kautz 1865

Camp and Outpost Duty- 1862: Gen'l Daniel Butterfield

Army Officer's Pocket Companion: 1st Lt. William P. Craighill

Revised US Army Regulations 1863

      Basic Reading:

 Hard Tack and Coffee: John D. Billings

The Civil War Infantryman- In camp, on the march and in battle: Gregory A. Coco

Customs of Service For NCO's and Enlisted Men: Brig. Gen'l August V. Kautz 1865

The Civil War Reenactor's Blackpowder Guide: David T.T. Smith

So You Want To Be A Soldier- How to Get Started in Civil War Reenacting: Shaun C. Grenan

The Columbia Rifles Research Compendium 1st & 2d Editions: John E. Tobey

Manual for Engineer Troops: Capt. JC Duane

Handbook of Artillery: Col. Joseph Roberts 3d Pa Artillery

Casey's Infantry Tactics ( Drill Manual): Brig Gen'l Silas Casey

1862 Cooke's Cavalry Tactics (Drill Manual): Brig Gen'l Phillip St. George Cooke

Handbook For Active Service: Capt. Egbert L Viele

Increased Authenticity:

"For Fatigue Purposes..." The Army Sack Coat of 1857-1872: Patrick Brown

Civil War Cartridge Boxes: Paul D. Johnson

Uniforms of The Civil War: Robin Smith & Ron Field

Making Cartridges: Patrick Reardon

US Army Headgear 1812-1872: John Lanellier &

  Reading for Officer Impressions:

Customs of Service For Officers: August V. Kautz 1865

Camp and Outpost Duty- 1862: Gen'l Daniel Butterfield

Army Officer's Pocket Companion: 1st Lt. William P. Craighill

Revised US Army Regulations 1863

We welcome you to contact us about joining the Federal Generals Corp and become a living historian.

Phone: 717-572-2557

Address: Jim Opdenaker, 22 Fawn Drive Quarryville, PA 17566

Electronic member application can be saved and e-mailed to jimopdenaker@comcast.net for consideration.