Gathering of Eagles - 2012

     The Federal Generals Corps and Lee’s Lieutenants met for the Gathering of Eagles at the Old Court House Civil War Museum in Winchester, Virginia on June 1-3, 2012. A reception was held on Friday evening, with officers in uniform and several ladies and other civilians in period dress. This year’s Gathering focused on the Civil War events of 1862, and General Lee reviewed the agenda during the reception.

     Federal and Confederate officers gathered around a “faux campfire” in the Old Court House where they were questioned by Mr. Theodore Davis (portrayed by David Trimble), a reporter with Harper’s weekly. The reporter focused on the Civil War events of 1862, including: The Valley Campaign, Ft. Donelson/Ft. Henry/Shiloh, The Peninsula Campaign, 2nd Manassas, the Maryland Campaign, and Fredericksburg. Mr. Davis was very well informed of the participants’ roles in the various battles, and his questions inspired lively discussions and debate.

     One of the highlights of the weekend was the Ladies Tea and Conversation presented by the ladies of the FGC and LL’s. Topics discussed included fashions, letters from the front, hardships of daily life, and interesting anecdotes. Visitors and officers listened attentively to presenters and observed other ladies busy at crocheting various items. It should be noted that the goodies served were enjoyed by all.

     Special kudos should be given to Ken Hall and Tim Ake, who both did an excellent job in portraying Generals McClellan and Sickles. Of course General Meade was his snapping turtle self.

     Bishop Polk held an inspiring church service on Sunday morning, which was well attended. After Sunday morning’s session FGC and LL members joined in friendly conversations, each looking forward to meet at Gettysburg on July 6-8, 2012.