Fairfield Workshop - 2012

     The Battle of Fairfield Reenactment was held on May 4-6, 2012. Only eight miles west of Gettysburg, the Town of Fairfield, PA hosted re-enactors, visitors, and members of the FGC. The event featured a living history village, sutler center, and battlefield grounds. Artillery demonstrations and cavalry battles took place on Saturday and Sunday.

     Two “Meet the Generals” presentations were given by the FGC in Borough Hall, and visitors to the living history encampment visited with with Union, Confederate, British officers, and 19th century civilians. During the weekend, Robert Belgrad, photographer, took several unique and intriguing photos of FGC members, which were later modified through Photoshop and posted on the social network.

     Miss Tillie Pierce took the FGC by surprise as she fired a musket for the first time under the watchful gaze of General and Mrs. Sherman. It was apparent that Miss Tillie was no stranger to weapons, thus bringing up a question as to what really happened to Miss Jenny Wade during the Battle of Gettysburg.

     One of the highlights of the weekend featured Miss Audrey Moritz of Fairfield, PA, who became a favorite of the FGC. Miss Audrey, who is in her late 70’s, attended all FGC presentations and asked interesting questions. Miss Audrey was a joy and a barrel of laughs. She charmed all FGC members present.

     A solemn closing ceremony was held outside the Fairfield Inn, where the mayor read the names of all 182 soldiers from the nearby area who died in the Civil War. Reenactors and living historians were given a commemorative medal at the end of the ceremony.