Members of the FGC and Lee’s Lieutenants participated in the second part of the 5-year
“Long Road Home” (LRH) living history program, which will culminate in the 150th Anniversary of Appomattox in 2015. This year’s event was held on April 13-15, 2012 on the
grounds of Clover Hill Village. The weekend featured the battles of Dinwiddie Court House on
Saturday and the battle of Five Forks on Sunday. Gen. George G. Meade (Joe Schafer) and
Gen. Robert E. Lee (Al Stone) served as the overall Union and Confederate Commanders,

          During the weekend, The Smithsonian Channel filmed various aspects of the battles,
meetings held by the respective Union and Confederate officers, mail calls for both Union and
Confederate soldiers, paroling Confederate prisoners, and scenes of daily camp life. In addition, the Smithsonian Channel requested that Generals Grant and Lee, along with members of
their staffs, visit the Wilmur McClean House for the filming of Lee’s surrender of the Army of
Northern Virginia to Union forces.

          On Sunday morning, a memorable church service was led by Pastor Rene and Bishop Leonidas Polk.

          Unlike the dreary weather endured in 2011, this year’s weekend was warm and sunny,
which added to the enjoyment of all participants and visitors. The re-enactments of the battles
of Dinwiddie Court House and Five Forks featured artillery, cavalry and infantry to the delight
of the crowd. During the battles, Union and Confederate generals, observed the battle.
A closing ceremony was held on Sunday afternoon, in which General Grant and General Lee
handed out LRH medals and the Five Forks hangers to re-enactors and living historians.

Appomattox "Long Road Home" - Five Forks Report